Stochastic Processes and Random Fields:
Geometry and Fine properties

A workshop in honor of Robert Adler's and Haya Kaspi’s 35th year at the Technion.

29/06/2015 (Mon) – 03/07/2015 (Fri).
Technion, Haifa, Israel.

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Random fields, stochastic partial differential equations, measure-valued processes, queuing systems and their limits, interacting particle systems and their limits, stochastic algebraic topology.

Invited speakers 
Rami Atar (Technion), Martin Barlow (UBC), Yuliy Baryshnikov (UI Urbana Champaign), Omer Bobrowski (Duke), Larry Brown (U Penn), Krzysztof Burdzy (Washington), Don Dawson (Carleton), Nathalie Eisenbaum (Paris VI), Raya Feldman (UC Santa Barabara), Ed Perkins (UBC), David Perry (Haifa University), Kavita Ramanan (Brown), Jay Rosen (CUNY), Gennady Samorodnitsky (Cornell), Jonathan Taylor (Stanford), Balint Toth (Bristol and TU Budapest), Sreekar Vadlamani (Tata Institute), Shmuel Weinberger (Chicago), Richard Wilson (Queensland), Ofer Zeitouni (Weizmann). 

Organizing Committee
Dmitry Ioffe (Technion), Oren Louidor (Technion), Leonid Mytnik (Technion), Ross Pinsky (Technion), Sreekar Vadlamani (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore). 

Scientific committee
Krzysztof Burdzy (Washington), Raya Feldman (UC Santa Barabara), Leonid Mytnik (Technion), Gennady Samorodnitsky (Cornell), Jonathan Taylor (Stanford), Ofer Zeitouni (Weizmann).

Monday: Talks and reception will be held in room 1003, Meyer building (electrical engineering department). 
Tuesday to Friday: Talks will be held in room room 112, Bloomfield building(industrial engineering department).

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On campus (about 50 USD/person/night in a single bed apartment or 25 USD/person/night in a shared two bed apartment) at the Forchheimer guesthouse (translated version). Off campus (about 100 USD/person/night) at the Dan Panorama Hotel (instead of, the originally advertised Dan Gardens hotel, which is closed for renovations). We will try to fulfill the accommodation requests of all participants, however note that the number of rooms in the Forchheimer guesthouse is limited. Final accommodation arrangements will be sent via email to all registered participants. 

We have limited financial support for young participants (graduate students and post-docs) to cover accommodation costs. Please indicate accordingly on the registration form.

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Travel Information
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Social activities
There will be a reception on Monday, an afternoon trip to Akko (Acre) on Wednesday and a dinner on Thursday. For more information and to participate, please visit the social activities page.


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